Where You Can Buy Weed in Bordeaux

is weed legal in bordeaux france where can i buy cannabis in bordeaux

Bordeaux, the wine-growing region’s core, is a port city on the Garonne River in southwest France. It is famous for its Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André, palaces from the 18th to 19th centuries, and important art institutions including the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux. Now the big question. Is Smoking weed legal in Bordeaux, France? Where can i buy cannabis in Bordeaux, France?  The bending river quays are surrounded by public gardens. The enormous Place de la Bourse, centered on the Three Graces Fountain, looks out over the Miroir d’Eau reflecting pool.

Is Smoking weed legal in Bordeaux, France?

If you’re a marijuana fan, French cannabis laws aren’t exactly inspirational. However, there may be rays of light and faint aromas of blossom at the end of the gloomy tunnel. France does have a medical cannabis program. They do not do what other countries do. However, Macron just announced the ‘on-the-spot fine’ plan, which may have resulted in a little improvement in cannabis legislation.

Possession of Cannabis in France

Cannabis possession in France is entirely criminal, regardless of the reason for possession. In fact, until recently, any form of possession (even a little quantity) would have resulted in a significant conviction. However, in 2020, Macron replaced the fear of prosecution with a one-time fine. The present law is:

“Any adult found with up to 100 g of cannabis is now liable for a fine of €200 (€150 if paid within 15 days, €450 if paid after 45 days” .

Selling Cannabis in France

In France, selling cannabis is illegal, and there are no approved dispensaries or coffee shops to buy it from. CBD products containing 0.2% THC or less, on the other hand, are accessible in local shops throughout France. However, this is hardly groundbreaking. The lump-sum fee scheme, which Macron implemented, was also used to curtail cannabis sales. If someone is caught selling cannabis, they might face a ten-year prison sentence and a fine of up to €7.5 million. These sanctions may be enhanced if cannabis is sold outside of school or directly to children. As you can see, France has a strict policy regarding cannabis sales.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Toulouse?

The greatest spot where you can buy cannabis in Bordeaux is to just tour the city. You will undoubtedly encounter several smokers and dealers in parks and on the streets. Simply approach someone who is smoking and inquire. There will also be several shady-looking merchants. They are more likely to approach you if you make eye contact.

. However, to be honest, this is a bad bargain. You will discover low-quality cannabis offered at excessive costs, such as $15 or more, especially if you are a visitor. The cannabis is of poor quality and is just not worth it, but you may be fortunate enough to find a dealer who sells high-grade weed.

Is Smoking weed legal in Bordeaux, France? Where can i buy cannabis in Bordeaux, France?

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