Where You Can Buy Weed in St Anton, Austria

is smoking weed in st anton, austria legal where can i buy cannabis in st anton austria?

A hamlet in the Tyrolean Alps, Austria is called St. Anton am Arlberg. Because of its part in creating the sport of alpine skiing, it is referred regarded as the “cradle of alpine skiing” and serves as a gateway to the Arlberg ski area. Now the big question, Is smoking weed in St Anton, Austria legal? Where can i buy cannabis in St Anton, Austria? In a classic chalet, the Museum St. Anton am Arlberg preserves the history of skiing in the area. The Valluga and Rendl slopes are accessible via cable cars and lifts. The village’s vibrant après-ski scene is another well-known feature.

Is Smoking Weed in St Anton, Austria legal?

Buying or possessing cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal in Austria. However, since 2016, it has become legal to possess small amounts of cannabis, with penalties similar to those for parking violations.

It’s fascinating to know that you may lawfully cultivate an unlimited number of cannabis plants in your house. The caveat is that all of the plants you grow cannot be in flower and must have less than 0.3% THC, per EU regulations.

Furthermore, because pure CBD isn’t considered an addictive chemical, it isn’t prohibited like other drugs. Foods containing CBD extracts must first get a specific license and authorization from companies in order to be sold, since they are considered “novel foods.”

Medical Cannabis in St Anton, Austria

Although it has been legalized since 2008, medical cannabis is nevertheless strictly regulated. The law forbids the use of cannabis flowers and only allows physicians to recommend three cannabis-based medications to patients who meet certain qualifying conditions: sativex, nabilone, and dronabinol.

However, there are a number of problems with Austria’s medical marijuana program, including the inability of private businesses to enter the market and the difficulties patients have obtaining insurance coverage. Austrians, therefore, are in favor of total legalization.

The next several years will be crucial in determining the direction of cannabis laws in Austria, both recreational and medicinal.

Recreational Cannabis in Austria

In Austria, the use of cannabis has been decriminalized despite still being forbidden for recreational purposes. But according to recent surveys, as many as 40% of Austrians between the ages of 15 and 24 say they have used marijuana at some point in their lives.

Due to the legality of an endless number of non-flowering medical plants, Austrians are projected to grow and sell 300,000 cannabis seedlings and clones annually.

Hemp and CBD products are legally permitted and easily obtainable in Austria. However, only a limited number of the hemp varieties specified in the EU common catalogue can be produced by growers.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in St Anton, Austria?

Cannabis is easily accessible in St. Anton, an Austrian village nestled in the Tyrolean Alps with a bustling nightlife. You can be sold marijuana by the club bartender or the hotel valet. They will introduce you to a cannabis dealer. Popular locations where you can buy cannabis in St Anton include;

  • Post Keller.
  • Bobo’s. 
  • Bar Cuba. 
  • Piccadilly. 
  • Taps.


Is smoking weed in St Anton, Austria legal? Where can i buy cannabis in St Anton, Austria?

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