Where you can find Cannabis in Paris

is smoking weed legal in Paris? Where can i buy cannabis in Paris?

Although the city of love has its own distinct beauty, cannabis legislation may be complicated. So, the big questions, is smoking weed legal in Paris? Where can i buy cannabis in Paris? While world-renowned hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli may have been a real marijuana missionary, teaching the masses how to produce high-quality hash, his own nation. France has drastically different views on marijuana.

Is Weed Smoking Legal in Paris?

Possession, cultivation, distribution, and use of marijuana in any form is banned in Paris as of October 2023, even for personal use.

In recent years, the French government has made gradual progress in decriminalizing marijuana. The regulations changed in 2020. The punishment for carrying weed is now a €200 fine. Raising the prospect of more liberal marijuana policy in the future.

However, real marijuana smoking may still find you in hot water. With fines in the hundreds of euros and possibly a one-year prison term.

Although it appears Paris is not yet totally committed to the green wave, it is critical that you remain up to date on the changing laws and practices.

Smoking Weed in Paris – Cannabis Laws and Penalties in France

Everyone ought to be conscious that the fines and punishments for marijuana-related offenses. It can be fairly severe depending on the circumstances. For example, if you are discovered with marijuana, you might face a €3,750 fine and up to a year in prison.

When it comes to drug trafficking, things become much more serious. You might face a hefty punishment of up to €7,500,000 and ten years in jail. So, it’s safe to state that you should avoid any engagement with the marijuana industry.

Despite France’s severe marijuana regulations, there is a rising discussion about the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana. This applies for medical and maybe recreational use.

Medical Cannabis in France

While marijuana for recreational use remains banned in France, the government has begun to relax its restrictions. These restrictions are on medicinal marijuana usage. French doctors can now prescribe some types of medical cannabis products to patients suffering from significant health issues. Some health issues like as chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and palliative care when other therapies have proven ineffective.

CBD products are mostly sold in France as health supplements for therapeutic purposes. These CBD products often have very low quantities of THC. You will not experience the high effects associated with recreational marijuana. This means you may take these items for comfort without fear of becoming “high” and disrupting your day.

You may anticipate high-quality medicinal marijuana in France.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Paris?

Popular places to buy weed in Paris:

– Locations: 5 Avenue Anatole, near the Eiffel Tower, and 8th arrondissement, near the Petit Palais in Paris.
– The Jardin du Luxembourg, also known as the Jardin du Sénat, is located in Paris’ sixth arrondissement.
– Paris, Rue Saint-Séverin.
– Club Azur, 15 Boulevard Garibaldi.
– Le Caveau de la Huchette, 1 TER Rue de la Huchette.

Nonetheless, while purchasing cannabis and communicating with dealers in Paris, use extreme care.

is smoking weed legal in Paris? Where can i buy cannabis in Paris?

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