Where You Can Buy Weed in Nice, France

is smoking weed in Nice legal where can i buy cannabis in nice france

When it comes to marijuana, the situation in Nice, like the rest of France, is nuanced and complicated. Now the big questions; Is smoking weed legal in Nice, France? Where can i buy cannabis in Nice, France? This page is to offer a complete overview of the legality, facts, and societal views surrounding marijuana in Nice. We look at the legal framework in France, the quality and cost of marijuana, and where it may be properly used.

Is Smoking Weed Legal in Nice, France?

Until recently, French law prohibited the possession and also usage of marijuana. On September 1, 2020, the Macron government announced the implementation of a lump-sum fee to replace penalties. Any adult discovered with up to 100 g of pot is now subject to a €200 fine (€150 if paid within 15 days, €450 after 45 days).

Although the government frames it as a deterrent to drug trafficking, this new policy remains one of the most oppressive in Europe, despite the fact that the French use the most marijuana in Europe.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Nice, France?

Considering the fact that France has a robust hemp and marijuana producing economy, growing marijuana plants remains illegal. If detected, the offenders may face up to 20 years in jail or a €7.5 million punishment.

There are no exceptions to this under the law. Even if the individual just grows pot for personal, therapeutic purposes, it is still considered a criminal offense. In actuality, just a handful weed producers have earned the maximum punishment. Those who obtain lengthy prison sentences are typically involved in large-scale growing activity.

Can You Sell Marijuana in Nice, France?

France, like many other countries, has adopted a strong stance toward weed retailers and distributors.

It should be highlighted that, in addition to deterring weed possession and usage, the lump-sum fine aims to combat trafficking. However, because legislation only applies to adults, it essentially encourages the involvement of juveniles in trafficking.

People suspected of trafficking risk up to ten years in jail and also a €7.5-million fine. Fines can be quadrupled for sales to minors or near schools.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Nice, France?

Given France’s legal framework, obtaining marijuana in Nice poses significant hurdles and hazards. It is critical to grasp these before attempting to purchase cannabis in any form. You should visit the city’s most touristic neighborhoods. If you go along the beach late at night, you will most certainly be contacted by dealers. Aside from the beach, Rue Massena, which houses much of the nightlife, is worth a visit.

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