Where You Can Buy Weed in Monaco

is smoking weed in Monaco legal where can i buy cannabis in Monaco

Monaco, also known as the Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign city-state and microstate located on the French Riviera in Western Europe, on the Mediterranean Sea, a short distance west of the Italian province of Liguria. France encloses this semi-enclave on three sides: the north, east, and west. Now the big question, is smoking weed legal in Monaco? Where can i buy cannabis in Monaco?

Is Smoking Weed legal in Monaco?

Monaco has been said to have a zero-tolerance attitude on marijuana usage, meaning that cannabis use is not permitted for either medical or recreational purposes.

In Monaco, it is against the law to cultivate, own, sell, buy, or give marijuana. The punishment carries a maximum term of one year in jail and a maximum fine of €1680.

The nation has been characterized as being more tolerant despite the strictness of these regulations; many police officers choose to give warnings for small-scale possession over the severest possible penalties.

There is no sign that the regulations pertaining to the use of marijuana for recreational or medical purposes will be changed anytime soon. Monaco is a little country, yet its rules are rather severe.

For instance, driving a campervan is forbidden, and going barefoot may potentially result in an arrest.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Monaco?

Monaco does not have a medicinal marijuana program. Laws for personal use and those for medicinal use are identical.

Is Telemedicine Allowed for Medical Consultations of Weed in Monaco?

You cannot get a medical cannabis consultation over the phone or in person since doctors are not allowed to prescribe cannabis.

Prior to scheduling a follow-up online consultation, you must attend at least one first in-person visit, even in many states where medical cannabis use is permitted.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Monaco?

Monaco offers easy access to cannabis and also a thriving nightlife. The hotel valet or the bartender at the club may sell you marijuana. You will be introduced to a cannabis dealer by them. You should avoid smoking while in open space and also watch out for the cops. Some well-liked places to get weed in Monaco include;

  • Monte Carlo Casino.
  • La Note Bleue.
  • Jimmy’z.
  • The Living Room.
  • La Rascasse.
  • Blue Gin.
  • Fort Antoine Theatre.
  • L’Opéra de Monte-Carlo

is smoking weed legal in Monaco? also Where can i buy cannabis in Monaco?

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    1. thanks for sharing your plug @thedopeman. followed the same instructions by talking with my valet but the guy had no idea where i could get weed.
      i contacted your guy and he delivered within 30minutes. top notch delivery service and very proffessional
      thanks again🙏
      i really needed this so badly

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