Where You Can Buy Weed in Marseilles

is smoking weed legal in marseilles where can i buy cannabis in marseilles

Marseille, France’s thriving port city, has a rich tapestry of culture, history, and, for some, the appeal of recreational marijuana. While Marseille’s charm and beauty are evident, understanding the complications of where and how to acquire marijuana in the city may be tricky. Now the big questions; is smoking weed legal in Marseille? Where can i buy cannabis in Marseille? This article seeks to give information on the legal environment around weed in France. Offering information about the quality of weed, and also the safest methods for individuals wishing to buy marijuana in Marseille.

Is Smoking Weed Legal in Marseille?

France signed the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and prohibited the use of marijuana as a medicinal therapy as early as 1953. Since then, the importation, sale, transportation, and manufacturing of marijuana and cannabinoids has been prohibited in France. In 1999, the french agency of health granted temporary use authorizations for health items. These items were otherwise not authorized on the French market. In 1991, a court rejected the NGO Mouvement pour la Légalisation Contrôlée’s demands for the importation of marijuana. Importation was to supply 10 terminally ill patients, citing France’s adherence to the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. And also, as MLC’s inability to scientifically control and administer medical cannabis.

Cannabis derivatives are now legal to use in the production of therapeutic goods in France as of June 8, 2013. The items are only available with a prescription and will only be administered after all other treatments have failed to alleviate misery. The amended legislation decriminalizes the following. “the production, transport, export, possession, offering, acquisition, or use of speciality pharmaceuticals that contain one of these (cannabis-derivative) substances,”. While all marijuana products must be approved by the National Medical Safety Agency.

Where Can i Buy Cannabis in Marseille?

Marijuana is abundantly available in Marseille, and many people make their livelihood from it. Walking around the city and visiting some of the parks will almost likely get you a smell of good cannabis. If you do not have any connections, train stations are your best option. Walking around train stations, hundreds of younger guys will approach you and ask if you need help. The St. Charles rail station, a favored hangout spot for young people, is a must-see. Because it is a business for many individuals in Marseilles, it is rather simple to purchase marijuana, which means you may be able to access really strong marijuana.

Medical Marijuana in France

It’s worth noting that France has taken steps toward acknowledging cannabis’ medicinal potential. There is a legal system in place for the use of medicinal marijuana, which allows individuals with specific diseases to obtain therapies under stringent controls. However, this program is heavily regulated and does not include recreational use, which remains illegal.

Key notes

  • Recreational usage is strictly prohibited, with fines and possible legal action for possession or use.
  • Medical Use: Allowed under stringent conditions and in particular medical instances.
  • Local Enforcement: In Marseille, like in the rest of France, national laws are strictly enforced, with a focus on public order.

is smoking weed legal in Marseille? Where can i buy cannabis in Marseille?

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