Where You Can Get Weed in Fiji

is smoking weed in Fiji legal where can i buy cannabis in Fiji

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands that makes up the nation in the South Pacific. It is well-known for its untamed scenery, beaches fringed with palm trees, and coral reefs and pristine lagoons. The majority of people live on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, the two largest islands. The capital, Suva, is a port city with British colonial architecture located on the island of Viti Levu. The Fiji Museum has ethnographic exhibits at Thurston Gardens, a Victorian-era building. Now the big question, is smoking weed legal in Fiji? Also, where can i get cannabis in Fiji?

Is Smoking Weed Legal in Fiji?

Fiji’s zero-tolerance policy on narcotics is reflected in the country’s entire prohibition of marijuana.

It is unlawful to possess, grow, or distribute cannabis for either medical or recreational purposes. Violating these laws can have serious legal repercussions. Cannabis is one of the most widely used narcotics in Fiji, despite the severe penalties, and hemp is currently legal in the country of Pacific Islands.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Fiji

In Fiji, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 prohibited narcotic by the Illicit Drugs Control Act of 2004.

Any amount of cannabis up to 100 grams is subject to a mandatory three-month jail term for both possession and usage.

Fiji does not have a medical marijuana program. However, the Pacific Island Nation’s Dangerous Drug Act does carve out allowances for authorized professionals to possess and supply drugs for medical purposes.

These drugs include Indian hemp, a term Fijian politicians use to describe Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plants.

Where To Get Cannabis in Fiji

The valet at the hotel or the bartender at the club may sell you marijuana; they will introduce you to a cannabis dealer. You should avoid smoking in public and be aware of the presence of law enforcement. Popular locations to obtain cannabis in Fiji include;

1. Cloud 9 ·

2. Baravi Handcrafts & Cafe 

3. Musket Cove Yacht Club Island Bar 

4. Ice Bar 

5. Seventh Heaven

is smoking weed legal in Fiji? Also, where can i get cannabis in Fiji?

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