Where You Can Buy Weed in Bilbao

is smoking weed in Bilbao legal where can i buy cannabis in Bilbao

Encircled by verdant mountains lies the industrial port city of Bilbao, located in northern Spain. It has a city full of skyscrapers and serves as the de facto capital of Basque Country. It is well-known for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which was created by Frank Gehry and inaugurated in 1997, spurring economic growth. Although the museum is home to several well-known modern and contemporary pieces, most people are drawn to the building’s curved titanium exterior. Now the big question, is smoking weed legal in Bilbao, Spain? Also, where can i buy cannabis in Bilbao, Spain?

Is Smoking Weed legal in Bilbao, Spain?

The truth is a little more nuanced, despite the fact that marijuana is used recreationally and that there are many cannabis bars in Spain, suggesting that marijuana is completely legal.

For personal use and cultivation, cannabis in Bilbao is legalized for recreational use. Up to 100 grams of marijuana are permissible for “reasonable” personal use possession at home.

Nevertheless, it is still unlawful to purchase and sell cannabis, consume it in public, or have huge amounts of it that would suggest trading or dealing.

But because to a legal loophole in Spain, the number of “cannabis clubs” has skyrocketed. These clubs provide a convenient way for people to obtain and use cannabis without breaching the law.

The cannabis clubs take advantage of legal gaps in Spain, and it’s still unclear what their position is.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Spain?

Obtaining marijuana through a cannabis club is a convenient option for several medicinal marijuana consumers.

It has been challenging to obtain medical marijuana up until recently since there are only two drugs that are licensed for the treatment of marijuana, and they are often only provided in extreme circumstances.

Nonetheless, the Spanish government approved a law supporting the reform of medicinal weed in Bilbao in 2022. Pharmacies will be permitted to sell cannabis for medicinal and medical uses by the end of 2022.

Both cultivating cannabis plants for personal use and having up to 100 grams of marijuana are permitted in Spain. It is made clear that the plants must not be visible from the street and that the buds they produce must be for self-consumption, but it does not specify how many plants there should be.

Additionally, it is lawful to purchase and sell cannabis seeds in Spain, where locals can get them online from other nations.

Although large-scale cannabis in Bilbao production is still prohibited, cannabis clubs are permitted to manufacture up to 150 kg of dried cannabis annually.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Bilbao, Spain?

There is currently nowhere in Spain where one may lawfully “purchase” marijuana for recreational use, although cannabis clubs do provide access to the drug after paying for a membership.

What is more, Bilbao offers easy access to cannabis and also a thriving nightlife. The hotel valet or the bartender at the club may sell you marijuana. You will be introduced to a cannabis dealer by them. You should avoid smoking while in open space and also watch out for the cops. Some well-liked places to get weed in Bilbao include;

  • El Perro Chico. 4.2 (1389) 
  • Sir Winston Churchill. 4.6 (1415) 
  • La Esquinita de Euskadi. 4.2 (114) 
  • Café Iruña. 4.2 (10503) 
  • Bar Convento Bilbao. 3.7

is smoking weed legal in Bilbao, Spain? Also, where can i buy cannabis in Bilbao, Spain?

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