Where You Can Buy Weed in Auckland

is smoking weed legal in auckand

Auckland is a significant metropolis in the north of the North Island of New Zealand, centered on two big harbors. The famous Sky Tower, located in the middle, offers views over Viaduct Harbour, which is dotted with cafés and restaurants and also home to several superyachts. Auckland Domain, the oldest park in the city, has the formal Wintergardens and is also centered on an extinct volcano. There is a coastal promenade at Mission Bay Beach, close to Downtown. Now the big questions, is smoking weed legal in Auckland? Also, where can i buy cannabis in Auckland?

Is Smoking Weed legal in Auckland?

Cannabis is authorized for medicinal use but not for recreational use in New Zealand. Patients using medical marijuana need a prescription from their physician, and they can only buy cannabis medication if they have a current prescription.

But because of the tight laws in New Zealand, many people find it difficult to get cannabis for medical purposes.

In order to get medical cannabis products legitimately, medicinal users must adhere to this structure; nonetheless, small-scale possession of cannabis might result in a $500 fine for individuals who break New Zealand legislation.

Medical Marijuana Laws in New Zealand

In 2018, the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill Act was enacted in New Zealand, legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Furthermore, This law gave the medicinal Cannabis Agency of New Zealand control over medicinal marijuana. The agency established guidelines for patients’ access to cannabis, goods that are accessible, and also formulations that are permitted or prohibited.

Despite the legalization of medicinal cannabis by the Misuse of Drugs Act Amendment, New Zealand’s medical marijuana program has come under fire for being among the tightest in the world, which makes it extremely difficult for patients to obtain appropriate treatment. The first CBD medications produced in New Zealand were only made accessible to patients in 2021.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Auckland, New Zealand?

Growing cannabis for personal use is prohibited in New Zealand, even for those who have a prescription for medicinal marijuana.

Growing cannabis has a maximum sentence of seven years in jail; having cannabis seeds carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and also a fine of $500.

Finally, Only licensed producers that have received approval from the Medical Cannabis Agency are permitted to cultivate cannabis.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Auckland?

Auckland offers easy access to cannabis and also a thriving nightlife. The hotel valet or the bartender at the club may sell you marijuana. You will be introduced to a cannabis dealer by them. You should avoid smoking while in open space and also watch out for the cops. Some well-liked places to get weed in Auckland include;

  • Face Night Club. 
  • The Laneways. Sapphire Nightclub. 
  • High Street District. Il Brutto. 
  • Queen Street. Velvet Cocktail Bar. 
  • Federal & Elliott. Pointers Bar & Grill. 
  • The Viaduct. The Cellar Bar.

Finally, do not smoke marijuana while in Public.

is smoking weed legal in Auckland? Also, where can i buy cannabis in Auckland? do not smoke weed in Auckland while in public and also keep an eye on the cops. 

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  1. i just came to confirm this…
    my first time in auckland… i needed weed so bad i didn’t know who to talk to. a friend invited me to the face night club down town i met this cool looking guy at the bar who after seeing how vulnerable asked if i needed something special as if he read my mind. i said yes weed. and a few seconds later i got the beat weed of my life. it was one of the best moments i had in auckland…
    if your are in town and need some good stuff do not hesitate to hit him up at [email protected]
    great cannabis blog

    1. Thanks for sharing your weed plug…. just ordered from him and all went well

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