Where You Can Buy Weed in Vienna, Austria

is smoking weed in vienna legal where can i buy cannabis in vienna

Located on the Danube River in the east of the nation is Vienna, the capital of Austria. Residents such as Sigmund Freud, Beethoven, and Mozart molded the city’s creative and intellectual history. Now the big question, is smoking weed in Vienna legal? Where can i buy cannabis in Vienna? Schönbrunn, the summer house of the Habsburgs, is one of the city’s most famous Imperial palaces.

Is Smoking Weed in Vienna Legal?

In Austria, it is against the law to purchase or own cannabis recreationally. Nonetheless, since 2016, possession of small amounts of cannabis has been decriminalized, with fines comparable to those for parking infractions.

It’s interesting to note that you can legally grow as many cannabis plants at home as you wish. The catch is that, according to the European Union (EU), none of the plants you produce may be in bloom and must have less than 0.3% THC.

In addition, pure CBD is exempt from drug prohibitions as it isn’t classified as an addictive substance. However, since they are regarded as “novel foods,” foods containing CBD extracts need a special license and authorization from businesses before they can be sold.

Additionally, cannabis consumers have optimism even though there doesn’t seem to be a clear legislative road for legalizing cannabis for recreational use in Austria right now. Presently, the Austrian Supreme Court is considering a lawsuit that contests the prohibition on cannabis usage for personal consumption.

This strategy is similar to the ruling made by the Mexican Supreme Court that the nation’s cannabis laws were unconstitutional. A ruling in the Austrian lawsuit is anticipated in 2023.

Medical Cannabis in Vienna, Austria

With a population of over 8.5 million and one of the highest concentrations of medicinal cannabis users in all of Europe, Austria has the potential to be a very big cannabis market.

Since 2008, medicinal cannabis has been allowed, but it is still heavily controlled. The legislation prohibits the use of cannabis flowers and only permits doctors to prescribe patients with a restricted number of qualifying ailments three cannabis-based products: sativex, nabilone, and dronabinol.

However, there are several issues with Austria’s medical marijuana program, such as patients’ difficulty to get insurance coverage and the lack of private enterprises’ capacity to enter the market. Austrians are thus advocating for complete legalization.

The course of Austria’s cannabis regulations, both recreational and medical, will be determined in large part during the next few years.

Recreational Cannabis in Austria

Despite being prohibited for recreational use, cannabis usage has been decriminalized in Austria. However, according to recent polls, up to 40% of Austrians between the ages of 15 and 24 report having used cannabis at some time in their life.

Austrians cultivate and sell an estimated 300,000 cannabis seedlings and clones annually due to the country’s legalization of an infinite number of non-flowering medicinal plants.

In Austria, hemp and CBD products are freely accessible and entirely legal. Nevertheless, producers are only able to produce hemp from a small selection of types listed in the EU common catalogue.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Vienna?

Vienna, which lies in the east of the country and is situated on the Danube River, offers easy access to cannabis and a thriving nightlife. The hotel valet or the bartender at the club may sell you marijuana. You will be introduced to a cannabis dealer by them. Some well-liked places to buy cannabis in Vienna include;

1. Celeste 

2. Loos American Bar 

3. WhyNot 

4. Kaffee Alt Wien

is smoking weed in Vienna legal? Where can i buy cannabis in Vienna?

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